Thursday, July 31, 2014

Push The Button! wt#.

Consider this one_ fresh from my page. It's not today but atleast just less than a month ago. No car that day. So it was walk-bus-train-walk again- kind of  day.

Let's focus on the train ride. Only because it was our first train ride here in Middle Earth. Also, this train is not a LRT (light rail transit), unlike the ones in the city of my Tropical Earth. It's a railroad train.

To cut the long walk story short, we reached our target departure station. Before this, my only exposure on train rides were on LRTs of Asian cities (Mla, Hk.Sg & Kl). This particular station right here was different and isolated. I mean, there was only the machine to purchase tickets from. No human. 

Luckily, there was (only one!) another commuter in the station who taught us how to manipulate the top-up machine.

The rail road is single. Therefore, must be one way at a time. Alternating the one to the south then the one to the north after.

The railroad system maybe old fashion but the train is not!

Finally our train arrived! This is the highlight : so the train stopped, we stood there waiting for the door to open.. still waiting for the door to open. It didn't open. Wt#.

Just like that, it disappeared right before our eyes!
I looked around and found another commuter who was waiting for her train. I asked her why so? She asked us if we PUSHed THE BUTTON? whaat? You may go back to the previous photo above. You can see there's the blue button at the door. wt#. So the train does not automatically open the door just like the trains back home.
Lesson learned.

We needed to wait for the next hour to catch the next train. Remember this was a one way rail road.


When we finally got into the train, we were giggling over how stupid we looked from the passenger view, when we were standing there outside the train. haha.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fishing @ Cornwallis

This was my first at Cornwallis sometime in April this year. This is near to our place if you would agree with the way I estimate location. I do it like : a grocery not within 10 mins. drive is far, a mall not within 30 mins, drive is far, but a beach within an hour drive my book_ within neighborhood!

I have to remind you though that April here is already Autumn which means beach days are almost over. Also I found out that Cornwallis has so many beaches. We found our friends in one of the beaches and it was only our group that was there.

We hadn't fully unpacked our picnic baskets and it rained already.

 We decided to head to the next beach in Cornwallis which is basically a less than 5 mins. drive.

Alright, it's not a beach-beach. It's the fishing wharf at Cornwallis. In less than 5 minutes the rain had stopped. Rainbow appearance here is as frequent as it rains. Beautiful, yes?

 There are always birds. Anywhere here. Always,

No fishing rules written on this sign really. Instead, it gives the app. to download the rules and regulations for fishing. Also the website to log-in for further fishing infos.


Husband pretended to fish but didn't really. He was just holding the rod for his friend beside him who was busy setting the baits.

And then a little commotion, cos one of the boys claimed he got something on his rod.

 He was right. But the fish was too young to catch according to the rules.

So it had to be thrown back to the sea. But wt#. The fish had to be removed from the blade of the bait and by the time it was disentangled, it was almost dead.

We left the boys on their fishing while we checked the rest of the place.

There are a lot of name markers at the wharf. These took my fancy.

We took notice of the people off the wharf, who seemed to be busy on something. Not catching fish. They were picking clams and crabbing!

 We set our next Cornwallis date for crabbing and clam picking right there and then. We did get back weeks after and had a blast on oyster and clam picking. That, I hope to share a post next time.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our First Summer December

 From my first vlog post back in November 2013, I share with you our second vlog post which was actually also a late post being our family vlog for December 2013. Nonetheless, our first summer here in Middle Earth was quite a blast. The weather was divine as it traveled us back to Tropical Earth. I don't mean literally. The rest of the summer was downright beach weather so we took advantage and let ourselves loose to the accessibility of beautiful beaches around Auckland.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


One afternoon in Spring ( sometime between Oct.-Nov. last year ) we passed by  Ponsonby with its claim of "Auckland hippest strip" showing off. Not that I'm sure of, but the buildings are reminiscent of something interesting happened in the past. Turning them into business establishments of today (restos, bars..), they are so beautiful. However, I'm not going to talk about Ponsonby just yet. I've been there only once and hardly seen the rest of it.

 Anyway, older daughter felt so adult that day, having done with her apprenticeship/o.j.t. and with few dollars in her wallet, she convinced the dad to park the car for a late lunch. Her treat! wt#.

 She took us to Bolliwood. It was not that Indian cuisine is a favorite, it was more like of the promo (*check the $10 sign at our back). Also she had been there before with her colleague, she thought she could then play hosting well.

 It was late after lunch and there was only another table occupied. The recent lunch must be huge busy for the servers cos no one approached us when we got in. We chose a table by the window but was quite disappointed cos that corner was relatively dirty. Floor was soiled with bits of rice. Table was not ready too. It took some minutes before a server appeared to get our order. After a while our table was managed.

We had curry meals. Chicken, beef, lamb and I forgot what was the other plate called but it was the house specialty.

 You could tell by our finished empty plates that we enjoyed our meals.

The dad was so happy. Very rare that his wallet took a rest from paying.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

MIddle-earth's Public Toilets (part1)

I'm seeing a lot of these elevator looking structures in the parks around here. Haven't paid much attention to them until lately. ..

...when I realized they are actually public toilets! Look how hi-tech!

I'm not really a weewee girl so I rarely use public toilets. But I'm always in awe of their toilets around here. Most of them would take your eyes for a second look.

These_ I snapped during one of our road trips a little bit far from the city. They are not even in the park. Just at the road side for travelers maybe.

I'll share more pics of these toilet structures in the future. Promise next time I'll include inside the toilet experience with those speaking voices and music. Have you experienced one already?
See ya:)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Batmobile in Middle Earth

Sometimes I see cars of Batman sequels. Yes here in Middle Earth. I've never been to Gotham City yet. 

 Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

This vintage bat car is quite interesting.
Let's get a closer look:

Check the plate ^^ ? California? I wonder if it's just a design of the plate. FYI, down here personalized plates are soo in every car.

But wait there's more >>>. Left hand drive???.. in Middle Earth?? wt#.

I re-check my current city. Yes indeed I'm very much in Middle Earth. See Auckland Tower right there? Hmm, maybe Batman is just having a Sunday lunch with The Hobbit around here:))).

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Orewa Beach (part1)

Moving back to my first summer here last December, this was the second beach we hopped onto.
The first beach was here.

Orewa Beach in Northshore. Another beautiful beach within reach. Just less then 30 minutes drive from our home here.

As usual, the birds greeted our arrival. Down here, the birds are your constant companions around. Be it right outside the door of your house or at the city roads, especially most in the beaches. They are always beautiful but sometimes the bigger ones frighten me. whenever I see those huge birds flying over my head, it's as if they are capable of attacking me. But that's just me and my wild imagination.


I like it that the beach is so big, it wud take 1/4 of the city's population to fill it up to the brim

Finding your own corner of the beach is so not a challenge at all.

First time that I saw a "no dog sign" around here. Yet on a limited time only.

It was my first at Orewa Beach but definitely not the last. We came with my husband's officemates ( not everyone in the photo).
The following weekend we were back with different company.
So I'll see you again.

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